How We Work

How our laundry service works

Although we inspect all items before they are washed, we recommend that you check pockets of clothing for valuables and personal items before we collect them. If we find something of value or a personal item that you’ve left in a pocket, don’t worry, we’ll return it to you with your fresh, clean laundry.

We know you probably don’t have time to run about dropping off and picking up shirts and business attire from the dry cleaners and if you’re like most people, we know there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing than laundry.

The best part of Washed 4U is, you can choose just one of our Laundry Services to fit with your budget and lifestyle.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We do our best to make sure all our clients receive the same standard of care and attention every time they do business with us. We provide a warranty period for all our laundry services and we are covered by insurance.

Our team are trained in different aspects of washing, including caring for delicate fabrics and hard-wearing fabrics. Our team are trained to identify and treat most common stains as well as working with adornments such as lapels, buttons, zippers, bows, and ties.

Get your laundry done by the experts

We are always happy to answer any question about our laundry service. You can Contact Us between 7:00am and 5:00pm 6-days a week, Monday to Saturday.

A complimentary pick-up and drop off for all locations on the Gold Coast is included in our service.

Call us on 0444 537 524 Or email us today
to speak with your local laundry specialist

Call us on Call Or email us today to speak with your local laundry specialist

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